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White three-lite casement window with transom windows and dark brown shutters

Premium, Ultra-Efficient Replacement Windows
For Pennsylvania and Maryland Homes

Premium Virgin Vinyl Windows… Precision-Crafted
By Master Artisans In The Amish Countryside.

Let’s face it: As a homeowner in Pennsylvania or Maryland, you have a ton of choices when it comes to replacement windows. So, how can you possibly determine which one is best for your home?

You don’t have to. We’ve done your homework for you.

At Focal Point Remodeling, we’re not interested in selling windows with the highest markup or the fanciest advertising. Our only concern is offering a window that looks fantastic and delivers high-end performance in all-seasonal weather – all while providing maximum value for your money.

The window we just described comes from Home Guard Industries.

Nestled in the Amish countryside of Indiana, Home Guard is what you’d call a “boutique” window manufacturer. They don’t sink millions of dollars into advertising or brand-building. They focus all their time, budget, and effort on crafting incredible, cutting-edge, luxury-level home windows.

The result? A window that ticks every box on your wish list… and then some.

Exterior of a white bay window above landscaping in a yard

5 Reasons Homeowners Choose New Windows
From Focal Point Remodeling

Our Home Guard Windows Deliver A+ Energy Performance,
Beautiful Looks, And Peace-Of-Mind Security.

From unrivaled energy efficiency to boldly beautiful looks, here are a few reasons PA and MD homeowners like you choose our windows…

#1: Triple-Pane Efficiency… From A Double-Pane Window

You probably think triple-pane windows are more efficient than double-pane windows. And 99% of the time, you’d be right.

Our double-pane window is the 1 out of 100 exception.

Our window utilizes a cutting-edge glass system that delivers triple-pane performance from a double-pane package. You get the highest level of insulation—without the high costs of triple-pane windows.

Conservision Glass Coating

Our window’s “secret sauce” for energy saving is a specially formulated glass coating. This coating outperforms many triple-pane windows while providing you a clear, non-tinted view of the outdoors.


With a U-Factor of 0.20 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.27, our window doesn’t just meet Pennsylvania ENERGY STAR standards—it sets the standard.

Insulating Foam Filling

Optional foam-filling in the frame boosts our window’s already outstanding energy and insulation ratings.

#2: The Most Airproof Window In The Industry

The average home window has an air leakage rating between 0.20 and 0.30 (the lower the number, the better). Our window has an air leakage rating as low as 0.01. That’s virtually as airproof as your walls.

Here’s how our window achieves such airtight status:

Innovative Fail-Proof Spacer System

A 4-point spacer system delivers outstanding thermal performance while boasting the lowest seal-failure rate in the industry. This beats the closest competitor by 1,600%. (Not a misprint.)

Fusion-Welded Frame

Instead of being screwed together at the corners, our window frames are fusion-welded. This eliminates the chance of air seeping in from corner gaps.

Interlocking Sashes

The sashes of our window interconnect with each other to stand rigidly fixed in place in the fiercest winds.

#3: Worry-Free Safety & Security

Looking for true peace of mind? Here’s how our window keeps you and your family safe and secure:

Dual Cam Lock

A flush-mounted lock embedded within the heavy-duty virgin vinyl frame keeps your window firmly secured and shut against the most stubborn burglar.

Dual Vent Latch

A forced-entry-rated night latch locks the sash in place, letting you keep your windows safely open at night.

Extra-Thick Glass

With thicker-than-average glass, our windows make it ultra-tough for would-be intruders to shatter.

Optional Child-Proof Latch

For parents and grandparents of young children, we can include a special inner latch at the top of the frame that must be pressed for the window to open.

#4: Gorgeous Looks… Inside And Out

While energy efficiency and security are important in a window, so are looks! Here’s how our window delivers a beautiful, make-the-neighbors-jealous aesthetic—inside and out:

Stunning Curb Appeal

Choose from 17 rich exterior colors for your window frame—white, black, blue, red, gray, and many more.

Beautiful Interior Styles

We offer interior-frame options designed with curved millwork to replicate the gorgeous look of woods like oak and cherry.

The Perfect Final Touch

From elegant grid options to color-matching hardware, our window comes with a wide variety of stylish options for that perfect finishing touch.

#5: The Window With A Real Lifetime Warranty

As part of our Forever Promise, we warranty your materials and installation for life. Here are all of the ways your window project is protected:

Lifetime Material Guarantee

Our windows are crafted with painstaking precision, so they’re warrantied for life. The seal, the frame, the glass… absolutely everything is covered.

Lifetime Installation Guarantee

Our window installers are meticulously trained, perfection-obsessed employees. They do the job right the first time, so we guarantee your installation for a lifetime.

“Oops-Proof” Glass-Break Protection

If you accidentally break the glass in one of your windows, we’ll replace it for free!

Non-Prorated Coverage

What’s covered in your warranty will never decrease over time. If it’s covered on the first day of installation, it’s covered on the 10,482nd day of installation.

Fully Transferable

Every aspect of your window warranty is 100% transferable. It’s a fantastic selling point should you decide to put your home on the market.

Replacement Window Showcase

Window Projects We’ve Completed For
Pennsylvania and Maryland Homes.

Window Review Spotlight

We make dreams come true, read about them!

“Focal Point Remodeling was transparent and made the entire process very easy. The salesman was very honest about pricing/quality, and worked within our budget to get the most optimal window.

Their 2 techs came out and installed the windows flawlessly. The quality was top notch. They did not leave a mess, didn’t damage any of our belongings, and were thorough in explaining how the new windows function. All in all, this is one of the best home improvement experiences I’ve ever been a part of.

From start to finish, Focal Point Remodeling was honest, fair, provided high-quality products, and were customer driven. I would undoubtedly hire them for any home improvement project, knowing pricing and quality will be unmatched. These guys and gals were phenomenal, and a huge reason I like to keep business local.”

-Collin M.

Replacement Window FAQ

Common Questions Homeowners Have About
Home Windows In Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Q: Why Is Focal Point Remodeling The Right Company To Install My Windows?

A: At Focal Point Remodeling, your window project isn’t transactional—it’s personal. It’s why we developed our special Focal Point FAMILY Process to ensure you a stress-free experience and stunning final result. From start to finish, your home is in the hands of skilled experts who are as passionate as you are about your project.

Q: What Styles And Types Of Windows Do You Install?

A: Our virgin vinyl windows come in the following styles:

  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Slider
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Garden

Contact us to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We would be honored to help you pick the perfect style of windows for your home.

Q: What Is The Average Cost Of Window Replacement Near Me?”

A: This depends on several factors, including…

  • Material (vinyl, fiberglass, wood, etc.)
  • Markup (some manufacturers charge more for “brand prestige”)
  • The contractor you choose for installation

At Focal Point, our window replacement prices align with what it costs to do the job 100% exactly right. We utilize a top-notch window material (virgin vinyl)… adhere to the strictest installation standards… and refuse to inflate our prices

We may not be the cheapest. We do, however, provide you with the best possible value. That’s a promise.

Q: What Is Considered An Energy-Efficient Window In Pennsylvania and Maryland?

A: To be officially ENERGY STAR-certified in Pennsylvania and Maryland, a home window must have the following energy ratings:

  • U-Factor of 0.30 or less: U-Factor measures how well a window insulates on a scale from 0 to 1, with lower numbers meaning better insulation.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.40 or less: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rates how much solar heat passes through a window’s glass. This is also measured on a scale from 0 to 1, with lower numbers meaning better efficiency.

With a U-Factor as low as 0.20 and SHGC as low as 0.27, our windows aren’t just ENERGY STAR-certified—they exceed ENERGY STAR requirements!

Q: Do Your Windows Reduce Outdoor Noise Pollution?

A: They do! Our windows are made with extra-thick glass that can noticeably reduce the amount of outdoor noise you hear inside your home. You’ll love the extra peace and quiet.

Q: Can I Finance My New Windows With Focal Point Remodeling?

A: Yes. If you want new windows—but don’t want to pay for them all at once—our financing options can secure you a monthly payment that fits comfortably in your budget.

Q: Do You Offer Free Window Estimates?

A: Yes! Contact us to schedule a convenient time for your free estimate. We’ll perform an in-home assessment, determine the perfect windows for your style and needs, and then provide you with a price. No pushy salespeople or pressure. We prefer education over solicitation.

Q: Where In Pennsylvania and Maryland Do You Provide Window Replacement?

A: With offices in Harrisburg and Pottstown, we provide window installation for Pennsylvania and Maryland. Some of our service areas include the following:

  • Berks County
  • Bucks County
  • Chester County
  • Cumberland County
  • Dauphin County
  • Delaware County
  • Lancaster County
  • Lebanon County
  • Montgomery County
  • York County

Do you live in Pennsylvania and Maryland but don’t see your county listed? Reach out to us—there’s an excellent chance we can serve you!

If you would like to discuss more or request additional information about how we can complete your bathroom or kitchen
remodeling project, schedule an in-home consultation with one of our friendly team members.

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