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Our Stunning Entry & Patio Doors Are Artisan-Crafted
In The Heart Of Amish Country.

Are you looking for gorgeous, exceptionally efficient, premium-performance entry or patio doors for your Pennsylvania or Maryland home? You’ve come to the right place.

At Focal Point Remodeling, we offer exterior doors offer head-turning curb appeal. Industry-leading efficiency. Unparalleled security. All backed by a true lifetime warranty.

Our entry and patio doors come from Home Guard, an artisanal door manufacturer located in Indiana’s Amish countryside. Home Guard does not mass-produce their doors; they custom-craft every single one based on each homeowner’s exact project specifications.

The result? Stunning, one-of-a-kind patio and entry doors that you’ll love—because they’re distinctly you.

Explore your exterior door options below.

 Fiberglass front door with a brown woodgrain pattern, a decorative oval window, and side lites with beige framing

Fiberglass Entry Doors

The Ultimate Combination Of Beauty & Brawn.

Our fiberglass entry doors deliver everything you want from a new front door: High-end performance… top-notch energy efficiency… and “make-the-neighbors-jealous” curb appeal.

Beautiful Wood Looks—No Wood Hassles

Deep, detailed embossments and natural-looking woodgrains recreate the look of real wood such as cherry, oak, and mahogany—without the wood-related maintenance.

Rot-Proof, Warp-Proof Frame

Composite door frames deliver a beautiful wood aesthetic while remaining impervious to rotting, warping, and moisture damage.

Your Perfect Color

Choose from 17 rich, hand-painted colors and 7 elegant stains.

Airtight & Incredibly Efficient

The windows for our front doors are made with the same groundbreaking glass package as our replacement windows. When combined with our fiberglass doors’ airtight weather-stripping, you get unrivaled energy efficiency.

Environment-Friendly Polyurethane Core

A special insulating, sound-reducing polyurethane core complies with U.S. environmental standards to prevent damage to the earth’s ozone layer.

Exterior of gray front door with a black handle and a decorative glass window in the upper panel

Steel Entry Doors

Powerhouse Performance… With Style To Spare.

A Home Guard steel front door is the ultimate sentinel for your home’s entrance. Unmatched strength provides unrivaled security you can count on for life.

But our steel entry doors aren’t just tough—they look amazing, too. Offering a wide range of style options, our steel doors can be custom-crafted for your specific preferences.

Our Steel Doors Are Heavy Metal

With all-steel 22-gauge construction, our steel doors are 33% heavier than competing doors on average.

“Battering-Ram” Secure

Unlike most metal entry doors, the edges of our doors are made of steel instead of wood. In a head-to-head test, a wood-edge steel door cracked under the force of one hit from a 100lb weight. Our steel-edge steel doors didn’t crack after seven full-force hits!

Incredible Efficiency

With magnetic weatherstripping and an environmentally friendly foam core, our steel doors deliver ENERGY STAR-certified efficiency.

Rot-Proof, Warp-Proof Frame

Composite door frames deliver a beautiful wood aesthetic while remaining impervious to rotting, warping, and moisture damage.

Unique Style Options That Are Uniquely You

From rounded tops and retro styles to decorative glass and woodgrain hand finishes, our steel entry doors can perfectly capture your one-of-a-kind tastes.

Interior of white sliding patio door and windows that overlook a deck and backyard

Vinyl Sliding & French Patio Doors

Superior Efficiency & Beautiful Looks.

What you want from new patio doors isn’t complicated. You’re looking for attractive curb appeal, excellent energy efficiency, and top-notch performance designed to last.

Our vinyl patio doors deliver. Whether you want sliding or hinged patio doors, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous final result worth every penny… and then some.

Premium Sliding Patio Doors

Our sliding patio doors deliver smooth-as-silk gliding operation and best-in-class security features. Available in 5′, 6′, 8′, 9′, 12′, and custom sizes.

Fashionable French Patio Doors

With standards-setting energy efficiency, gorgeous hardware options, and top-notch security features, our French patio doors tick every box on your wishlist.

Surpasses ENERGY STAR Standards

Our patio doors come with the same ultra-insulating glass as our replacement windows. You get patio doors that exceed ENERGY STAR requirements.

Beautiful Looks For Every Taste

Choose from 17 gorgeous colors and multiple optional embossed woodgrain styles.

Airtight, Watertight Technology

Triple weatherstripping minimizes air infiltration, while a high-performance sill eliminates water penetration.

 Interior of hinged white patio doors with curtains on each side

Steel Patio Doors

A Modern Marvel Of Strength & Curb Appeal.

Who said patio doors have to be made of vinyl or wood? At Focal Point Remodeling, we offer sophisticated French patio doors crafted from pure steel. Delivering the highest possible durability and security, our steel patio doors provide true peace of mind.

22-Gauge Steel Construction

Our patio doors are crafted with the same stout metal as our steel entry doors. You’ve never seen a patio door as stout, stable, and secure.

Beautiful Woodgrain Options

Gorgeous woodgrain choices mean all of that that steel strength is wrapped in a high-end, elegant appearance.

True Versatility

Our steel patio doors can replace your sliding patio doors or 6′ hinged patio doors. (Steel patio doors are constructed to allow for one operational door hinged off of one fixed door panel.)

Sophisticated Decorative Glass Designs

Want your glass to have flair? Choose from nearly 20 striking glass designs and patterns.

ENERGY STAR-Certified… And Then Some

Our patio doors come with the same ultra-insulating glass as our replacement windows. You get patio doors that exceed ENERGY STAR requirements!

Patio And Entry Door FAQ

Common Questions Homeowners In Pennsylvania
Maryland Ask About Our Exterior Doors.

Q: Why Choose Focal Point Remodeling To Replace My Exterior Doors?

A: Our Focal Point FAMILY Process makes your entire project easy and pleasant every step of the way. From the first call to the final walkthrough, you’ll work with passionate professionals who will deliver the door project of your dreams.

Q: What Types Of Exterior Doors Do You Install?

A: We install entry doors and patio doors on Pennsylvania and Maryland homes. Specific types include…

Q: Steel Front Doors Vs. Fiberglass Front Doors… Which Are Better?

A: Steel and fiberglass are exceptional entry door materials with their own unique benefits. It’s not about which is better quality… it’s about which is more suited to your specific needs. That’s something we’re happy to help you determine during your free Design Consultation.

Q: How Do Steel & Fiberglass Entry Doors Compare To Wood Entry Doors?

A: Fiberglass and steel entry doors deliver curb appeal on par with the most elegant wood entry doors… but without the upkeep. Unlike wood, steel and fiberglass don’t rot or warp from exposure to moisture. Either material is an excellent option if you’re looking for a maintenance-free front door for your home.

Q: Do Your Exterior Doors Come With A Lifetime Warranty?

A: Yes. Our Forever Promise guarantees your materials and installation for life. If you ever experience an issue due to a product or workmanship defect, we’ll take care of it—no fine print or runaround. Our Forever Promise is also fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your property.

Q: Do You Provide Free Estimates On Patio And Entry Doors?

A: Yes! Reach out to our Customer Care Center to schedule your free estimate and Design Consultation. We would be honored to help you discover your perfect exterior door.

If you would like to discuss more or request additional information about how we can complete your bathroom or kitchen
remodeling project, schedule an in-home consultation with one of our friendly team members.

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