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At Focal Point Remodeling Of Pennsylvania and
Maryland, Our Story… Is Your Story

Learn How We Make Your Remodeling Vision Our Focal Point.

This is the page where we’re supposed to tell you about our company background. You know, details about how we’re a home remodeler in Pennsylvania and Maryland, offering bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, window replacement, and door installation.

While those details are both true and important, you know what’s more important to us? Telling you how we feel about our craft, about the results we deliver.

And about YOU.

You see, there is a HUGE difference between contractors who “go through the motions” and contractors who pour their heart and soul into each project. It’s what determines whether you have a so-so experience with an “okay” result… or a fantastic experience with a knocks-your-socks-off, fulfills-your-deepest-desires result. We specialize in the latter.

At Focal Point Remodeling, we absolutely LOVE making remodeling dreams come true. You’re not just a customer. Your project is not just another job for our team. Your vision is our focal point and your project is our passion.

That’s why we can’t tell OUR story… without telling YOURS.

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Telling (Y)our Story

The Focal Point Remodeling story? It wouldn’t exist without the homeowners we’ve partnered with on their remodeling journeys. Every project we perform adds its own unique chapter to (y)our story, such as…

Explore our reviews, and you’ll find hundreds more chapters like those above—each one a uniquely personal story told by a different customer.

The bottom line: As long as homeowners need us, (y)our story never ends.

What will your Focal Point story be? Reach out to us to begin your remodeling journey… and your own personal chapter.

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The 5 Pillars Of Focal Point Remodeling

These Values Are The Lifeblood Of Our Company…
And Create The Foundation For Your Experience.

Our Mission Statement

“Focal Point Remodeling’s mission is to forge a bond with each homeowner. Our uniquely personal process and close-knit team of tenacious, passionate professionals ensure an exceptional experience—with one-of-a-kind results.”

Julian Boryszewski had well over a decade of industry experience before founding Focal Point Remodeling. He worked for some of America’s biggest bathroom-remodeling manufacturers, holding many roles over the years.

Julian was exposed to company practices that put people (homeowners AND employees) first… and company practices that put profits over people. When he started to notice more of the latter than the former in the industry, he set out to start his own company—one that reintroduced the human element into home remodeling.

To achieve this, Julian asembled a team of passionate professionals who shared his vision and values. Here are those values…and how they create the personalized experience you’ll have with Focal Point Remodeling:

1: Trust

You can trust that our installers are elite experts at their craft. You can trust that the materials we install are guaranteed for life. And you can trust that when we say something, WE. FOLLOW. THROUGH.

At Focal Point Remodeling, honesty isn’t the best policy—it’s the ONLY policy. Expect total transparency packaged in candid, fluff-free communication. No exceptions.

Examples Of Why You Can Trust Us

2: Empathy

Our “secret sauce” for delivering your dream remodel is simple: We put ourselves in your shoes.

We ask ourselves what kind of experience you want… what remodeling possibilities will cater to your tastes… and what options will work for your needs and your budget. Walking the proverbial mile in your shoes lets us create a uniquely personal—and personalized—project from start to finish.

Examples Of Our Empathy In Action

3: Teamwork

Your remodel isn’t a one-person show—it’s a total team effort. From the Customer Care Representative who takes your first phone call… to the Design Consultant who helps you choose the right products… to the installers who make your dream a reality… everyone works together to achieve your vision.

And in the rare instance when something doesn’t go according to plan? The entire team bands together to solve the problem. At Focal Point Remodeling, no one is an island.

Examples Of How Our Team Works For YOU

4: Accountability

Perfection is always our goal, but we’re only human. When we make the rare mistake, we don’t run from it—we OWN it. Pointing fingers or passing the buck? Not a chance.

But being accountable isn’t just about fixing mistakes. It’s about doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts are NOT options. We give 110% effort during every single second of your project. Anything less is unacceptable.

Examples Of How We Hold Ourselves Accountable

5: Service

When it comes to service, “above and beyond” is bare minimum. Out of the many, many remodelers in Pennsylvania and Maryland, you chose us. We consider that an honor and a privilege—and we do NOT take our responsibility lightly.

It’s why we created the Focal Point Process. Every single step of the way, we make certain you experience the highest possible level of service.

Examples Of Our Service

Meet The Focal Point Team

Get To Know Us Before You Reach Out To Us!

Executive & Administrative

Chief Executive Officer

Julian Boryszewski Chief Executive Officer

“Before starting Focal Point, I worked at a leading bathroom manufacturer for 10 years. The owner was a heck of a guy. He treated his employees and customers the right way, plain and simple. A few years after he retired, I started Focal Point Remodeling – carrying on his ‘people-first, people-always’ values.”

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Boryszewski Chief Financial Officer

“As the CFO, my role includes overseeing payroll, accounting, and administration. My favorite part of the job is seeing what started as a ‘what-if’ with my husband transform into a reality far greater than I could have imagined. I love building relationships with the team and assisting with their professional growth. Outside of Focal Point, I enjoy creative projects, as well as beekeeping and raising my chickens.”

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Canci Chief Operating Officer

“Nick Canci is the COO of Focal Point Remodeling, overseeing operations with strategic leadership and a focus on customer satisfaction. He is also a proud dog owner, sharing his life with two beloved companions, Tony and Sunshine.”

Administrative Coordinator

Amanda Veres Administrative Coordinator

“The roles of the Administrative Coordinator are many. I set prejobs, process sales, make sure jobs are moving along smoothly, and handle the financials for our Harrisburg and Pottstown offices. I love the people I work with, and I love getting to know our customers and helping them achieve their remodeling dreams. I enjoy spending time with family, golfing, and watching my daughter play travel ball.”

Show and Events Manager

Troy Jacquin Show and Events Manager

“Customer service is my number-one priority. I love improving people’s situations, so I bring my ‘A’ game to every single project I perform — no exceptions. I also enjoy getting to go to new places and meeting new people. In my personal life, I’m a musician and big-time car/truck/motorcycle enthusiast (if it’s got wheels, I dig it!).”

Customer Care Representatives

Customer Care Representative

Lorraine Brunner Customer Care Representative

Customer Service Manager

Ginger Stanley Customer Service Manager

“I work here at Focal Point Remodeling. I am the call center manager at our KOP location. One of my goals that I strive for is to become the best version of myself professionally and personally. At home I love eating snacks and watching movies especially on a Saturday night.”

Call Center Representative

Lily Berrier Call Center Representative

“I enjoy talking to all of our new customers. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outside camping.”

Design Consultants

Design Consultant

Andrea Coscomb-Voutsas Design Consultant

“For me, the best parts of being a Design Consultant are establishing relationships with customers and helping guide them to the best solutions. I absolutely love working with customers — I’m as excited as they are about their projects! When I’m not at work, you’ll typically find me making pottery and hanging out with my dogs.”

Design Consultant

Carrie Sullivan Design Consultant

Design Consultant Manager

Danielle Betz Design Consultant Manager

“I have been helping customers design their dream bathrooms for years. I love how at Focal Point Remodeling there is Zero pressure on the customer to make a decision and our job is to create a team to ensure their vision becomes a reality.”



Alex Biscuits Installer


Grayson Hacker Installer

“The best part of being a Focal Point installer is providing customers with a great experience. I make it my mission to create a comfortable installation environment. I also love problem solving and working with my hands. In addition to being a Focal Point installer, I’m a musician (guitar and banjo) and an avid mountain biker.”


Chad Moser Installer

“I love the team atmosphere of Focal Point. Everyone here works together to provide customers with great experiences and results. When I remodel YOUR bathroom, I won’t rest until every detail is done absolutely, positively right. One of my favorite hobbies is fishing (especially for redfish).”

Kitchen & Bathroom Project Manager

Zeb Strock Kitchen & Bathroom Project Manager

“My responsibilities involve strategizing install details, processing orders, and communicating status updates to customers. I also assist Scott, our Window and Door Manager, with some installations. One of the best parts of my job is meeting new people every day. Two of my hobbies are road/endurance cycling and fishing (all types except spearfish).”

Pottstown Branch Manager

Tim Bodnar Pottstown Branch Manager

Corporate Trainer/Fleet Manager

Josh Brossman Corporate Trainer/Fleet Manager

If you would like to discuss more or request additional information about how we can complete your bathroom or kitchen
remodeling project, schedule an in-home consultation with one of our friendly team members.

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