The Case Of The “Houdini” Shower Door

March 12, 2023
Case Study

How We Handled A “Houdini” Shower Door
Mix-Up In York County

When The Supplier Sent Us The Wrong Shower Door,
We Pulled Out All The Stops To Get The Right One ASAP.

Have you ever seen a magician put someone in a box, close the door, and—POOF—it’s someone else when he opens it again?

That’s a good way to describe this next project.

Rose is a York County homeowner. She contacted us to remodel the shower in her guest bathroom, as well as install a new entry door.

Utilizing our Focal Point FAMILY Process, we helped Rose design her dream bathroom project and choose the perfect entry door. Every single thing leading up to the installation went silky smooth.

And the installation would have gone that way too… if it weren’t for the “Houdini” shower door.

Right Box; Wrong Door

The morning of an installation, we load up a truck with the supplies we need for the job. Our Production Manager uses a checklist to ensure every tool, product, and material is accounted for. By doing this, the installers don’t have to make any extra trips during the installation because something was forgotten.

This is the exact process we performed before Rose’s shower remodel. Production Manager Tim Bodnar and Installer Grayson Hacker loaded the truck up and cross-referenced the checklist. Everything was accounted for.

So far, so good.

Tim Bodnar Production Manager Focal Point Remodeling
Grayson Hacker Installer Focal Point Remodeling

Production Manager Tim Bodnar (left) and Installer Grayson Hacker (right)

Fast-forward to the next morning. Grayson arrived at Rose’s home. He unloaded the materials… removed Rose’s old shower… installed the new shower… and completed the first 90% of the project without the slightest hiccup.

So far, so great.

But then Grayson opened the box containing the shower door—and had to do a double-take.

He eyeballed the door in the box. Then looked at the label on the box. Then checked the work order. Then examined the door again. Then looked at the box’s label again, and…


Our team had input the proper measurements for the door. The work order listed the right door. And the box was labeled correctly.

The problem? The wrong door was inside the box.

So far, no longer so great.

The Search For The M.I.A. Shower Door Begins

It was a switcheroo worthy of Houdini. Out of thousands of materials we’ve ordered from this supplier, it was the first time we were sent the wrong material in the right package.

The issue itself was simple: The door’s glass panel was too small. It wouldn’t fit with Rose’s new shower. Grayson called Tim straight away and explained this to Tim… who immediately rang the supplier to order the correct door.

But when it rains, it pours.

The shower door Rose ordered had custom-tempered glass. Since it wasn’t a “stock” door, getting a replacement wasn’t as simple as pulling one off the warehouse shelf. When the supplier rep checked the computer’s inventory system, it showed Rose’s door was on backorder… and could take months to come in.

Time For Tim’s Plan B

This is the part where most bathroom remodelers would either A) just sit and wait months for the right door or B) try to get the customer to choose a new door.

But Tim is a stubborn guy. He’ll move mountains to help customers. (It’s why he’s such a phenomenal Production Manager!)

So after the rep told him the door wouldn’t arrive for months, Tim turned to Plan B.

Years ago, Tim became acquaintances with an employee at the supplier’s Chicago facility. Tim had the employee’s phone number and called him directly. He explained the situation and asked the employee if he’d be willing to search the facility in case the door somehow slipped by the inventory system. You know… in case there was a teeny, tiny chance something was overlooked.

At the same time, a top rep from the supplier was visiting our office. One thing we LOVE about our supplier is that they take accountability when a rare mistake happens. When Tim explained the situation to the rep, he also called the Chicago facility… and had two additional employees search the warehouse.

The three-man hunt for Houdini’s shower door was on.

Lost… And Found

As the search was occurring, Tim kept Grayson updated on the situation. Grayson broke the news to Rose, and she was understandably upset. To make sure Rose could use her new shower while waiting for the door, Grayson installed a temporary shower rod and curtains. Though Rose’s new shower was missing a piece, we wanted to make sure she could enjoy it in the meantime.

Back in Chicago, the three facility employees scoured every inch of the warehouse. They combed through every aisle… looked behind every box… climbed every shelf. Twice.

And after an exhaustive hours-long search, they did it. They really, genuinely did it. They found the door—custom-tempered glass and all. Just sitting there, tucked away in a corner, minding its own business.

The employees opened the box to make certain that it was, in fact, the correct door this time. (It was.) They then called Tim back and let him know his intuition was right: The door had been overlooked in the supplier’s inventory system.

Tim: 1.

Houdini: 0.

“Closing The Door” On Rose’s Shower Remodel

As soon as we received the shower door from the supplier, Grayson packed it in a work truck and headed back to Rose’s home.

He took down the temporary shower curtain and installed Rose’s new door to perfection. Here are the results:

At Focal Point Remodeling, Accountability Is King

Rose was understandably upset with the shower door mix-up. We and our supplier were, too. Customer satisfaction is the be-all, end-all of our business.

That’s why when a mistake happens on our end, we do everything we can to make things right. Our steadfast accountability won Rose over in the end—so much so that she’s having us replace another exterior door soon.

This time, no Houdini switcheroo.

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