Installer Spotlight: Matt Rohrer

January 7, 2023

Focal Point Installer Spotlight: Matt Rohrer

Matt’s Dogged Determination, Upbeat Attitude, & Problem-Solving
Skills Make Him A Customer Favorite.

“Hi, I’m Matt. I’m here to fix your roof.”

This is how Lead Installer Matt Rohrer will likely introduce himself when he arrives to remodel your bathroom.

“Sometimes I’ll open with ‘I’m here to look at the crack in your siding,’” says Matt. “I like to switch it up now and then.”

Don’t worry. Matt’s not trying to confuse you. He’s simply breaking the ice.

“Once a homeowner realizes I’m joking, they’re instantly set at ease,” Matt says. “The joke lets them know I’m a personable guy who’ll make their installation experience easy and comfortable.”

A Little Joke Goes A Long Way

Let’s face it: Having installers work in your home can feel awkward and stressful—especially if those installers are unfriendly or aloof. Sharing your home with them is no one’s idea of a good time.

That’s why we look for the “Matts” of the industry when we hire installers. The kind of people who do amazing work… and treat people right.

“I don’t like contractors working in my home,” says Matt. “So I know homeowners are anxious the first time they see me pull in the driveway. It’s why I like to create a relaxed mood right off the bat.”

But while Matt is an easygoing guy, he takes his job—and his customers’ satisfaction—seriously. Very seriously.

“If I tell a customer I’m going to do something,” Matt says. “I’m going to do it. Period.”

And no matter what that something is, he makes it his mission to do it right. Here are two stories that showcase Matt’s dogged determination and upbeat attitude… and why that makes him a customer favorite.

Helen & Phil: An Experience So Nice, They Chose Matt Twice

One of Matt’s first projects as a Focal Point installer was a bathroom remodel for Helen and Phil, a senior couple. Matt’s mission included installing a new bathtub (we also installed flooring, vanity, faucets, sconce lighting, and a light-fan combo at Helen and Phil’s request).

During the project, Matt hit it off with the couple’s three-year-old granddaughter… after a little effort. At first, the girl didn’t know what to make of the stranger in her grandparents’ house. Since Matt has young children of his own, he knew what it would take to get on her good side…

Goofy faces.

“As soon as I made a silly face, she started laughing,” says Matt. “Then Helen and Phil started laughing.”

After winning over his most skeptical critic, Matt got to work on the bathroom. Over the next four days, Matt worked with painstaking precision to give Helen and Phil the world-class remodel they deserved. And each day, Matt’s bond with them became closer. By day two, they trusted Matt enough to leave him alone in their home while they ran errands.

The project was an overwhelming success. And Helen and Phil loved their experience just as much as they loved the final result.

Bathroom Remodel: Round 2

Seven months after the job, Helen and Phil called us again. They now wanted us to remodel their master bathroom. More specifically, they wanted Matt to remodel their master bathroom. We were more than happy to oblige.

When Matt returned to the couple’s home for the new project, it was like a mini family reunion.

“They were excited when I showed up again,” Matt says. “They greeted me by name and asked about my kids. We spent 15 minutes catching up before I even stepped into the bathroom.”

For this remodel, Matt installed a 36×36 stand-in shower, flooring, vanity, faucets, sconce lighting, and a light-fan combo. Like the first job, Matt completed the project in four days. And like the first job, Helen and Phil were thrilled with the results… and the experience Matt delivered.

Photos Of Helen & Phil’s Second Bathroom Remodel

Vagisha: Matt’s Determination Saves The Day… Again & Again

Vagisha’s bathroom remodel was a pandora’s box of unforeseen problems. But Matt had solutions for every curveball that came his way.

“When I find an unexpected issue during installation,” Matt says, “I always think of a solution before I tell the homeowner.”

Vagisha’s project was a full bathroom remodel that included a new tub, floor, vanity, toilet, and lighting arrangement. Here are three obstacles Matt faced along the way—and how his smart, on-the-spot solutions saved the day:

Obstacle #1: Lack Of Insulation Leads To No Lack Of Mold

When Matt tore out Vagisha’s old shower walls, he found mold behind the exterior-facing wall. Since there was no insulation in the wall, hot shower air was mixing with the cold outdoor air… producing a moldy, mildewy mess.

Matt cleaned and replaced all of the affected areas—but he wasn’t done yet. After telling Vagisha about the issue, he made a trip to the nearby Home Depot to get insulation. When he returned to Vagisha’s home, Matt took the time to install the insulation before putting up the new wall. Bottom line? Matt was not going to let Vagisha’s new shower get moldy like her old one. Period.

Obstacle #1 conquered.

Obstacle #2: The Rotting Window Frame

The exterior-facing wall of the shower also has a window with textured privacy glass. This is a nice feature that lets in natural light and adds ventilation.

When Matt removed the exterior shower wall, he saw that the window’s frame had begun to rot and break down. This was due to the same problem as Obstacle #1—hot and cold air mixing to create moisture.

If Matt were a different kind of installer at a different kind of company, he’d have left it. But that’s not who Matt is… and that’s not what our company culture is about.

Matt retrieved some two-by-fours from his truck—and used his past experience as a home builder to reframe the entire window.

Obstacle #2 conquered.

Obstacle #3: A Toilet Predicament

The toilet Vagisha initially wanted for her bathroom remodel looked amazing. It had the sleek, modern aesthetic that she wanted her remodel as a whole to achieve.

The problem? The toilet wouldn’t function properly unless Matt tore out the abutting wall and reconfigured the plumbing. This would have added substantial time, cost, and mess.

Matt sat down with Vagisha to discuss her options. He told her the project could move forward with the toilet she chose—or they could find a toilet with a similar style that didn’t require major demolition and plumbing.

Vagisha decided the extra headache and expense weren’t worth it. So Matt and Focal Point management were able to help Vagisha pick out a new toilet she loved just as much… and worked with her existing plumbing.

Obstacle #3 defeated.

Vagisha’s Google Review

Vagisha was blown away by Matt’s quick thinking and smart solutions to all of these unexpected problems—so much so that she left him a very kind Google review. Here’s an excerpt:

[This project] wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful and amazingly talented Matt Rohrer. Matt came in early every morning with all the supplies necessary and was so efficient, friendly, and professional…

When he hit roadblocks with the installation that were out of his control, he used his vast experience to get a solution and get the job done. He replaced our entire insulation in the tub area, installed our very complicated bathroom fan, and went above, beyond, and more…

As a whole, a great team and company to work with. And I especially give the 5-star rating to Matt! This wouldn’t be possible without him.

You can read Vagisha’s full review on our Google Reviews profile.

Photos Of Vagisha’s Finished Bathroom Remodel

Doing The Job Right And Treating People Right

Matt enjoys getting to know people. And because he’s such a friendly person, homeowners enjoy getting to know him.

“Someone asked me if I get bored remodeling bathrooms every day,” says Matt. “I said not at all. Every project is technically the same, but every project is also different.”

Matt sees customers in a similar way.

“Everyone has a different personality, but everybody wants the same thing,” Matt says. “To be treated with respect.”

The first time you meet Matt feels like the hundredth time you’ve met Matt. His ‘old-friend-of-the-family’ energy will immediately put you at ease. So if Matt is your installer, get ready for amazing results—and an amazing experience.

Even if he’s not really there to fix your roof.

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