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Are you looking to transform your outdated bathing space into a stunning, low-maintenance showpiece? At Focal Point, we specialize in luxury shower remodels in as little as one day for Pennsylvania and Maryland homeowners… with a personal touch.

From start to finish, we make the process about you. What do YOU want to accomplish? What are YOUR specific tastes? How can we make YOUR experience an absolute pleasure? When it comes to your shower remodel, we consider these questions every step of the way.

Our shower remodels are excellent for the following:

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Converting Your Bathtub Into A Shower

We’ll remove your old, inaccessible bathtub and install a beautiful, modern walk-in shower in its place. This is a great renovation for seniors and those with mobility issues looking to make bathing safe and easy again. No more stepping over the edge of the tub!


Replacing Your Existing Tub/Shower

Is your existing shower space looking antiquated, worn out, or just… “blah”? We’ll replace it with an absolutely stunning, lifetime-lasting, spa-quality shower that you’ll LOVE. You’ll be amazed at how much more beautiful your bathroom will look with an upgraded shower space!


How Our Focal Point Process Guarantees
You A Beautiful Shower Remodel

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Our Focal Point Process is our special YOU-centered approach to shower remodeling. By making you and your project our focal point from start to finish, we deliver the results—and the experience—you deserve.

Here is what to expect—and who to expect—when you choose Focal Point Remodeling…

#1: Customer Care Center

When you call us, you won’t be “greeted” by a recorded message or automated menus. Instead, you’ll speak with a friendly, helpful Customer Care Representative.

Your Customer Care Representative will ask you a few questions about your project. Then they will set up a convenient time for your in-home Design Consultation. It’s that pleasant and easy.

#2: Designing Your Dream

Your design consultation will be relaxed, comfortable… and fun. Your Design Consultant will help you realize your vision and guide you to the right design and product choices. They’ll even bring actual product samples to your home!

Want to get a head-start on your design? Let your imagination run wild with our Online Bathroom Design Studio.

#3: Building Your Dream

Your shower remodel will be performed by trained, passionate, polite installers. When it comes to your shower remodel, they ensure every detail is done 100% right.

Our in-house installers will remove your old tub, fix any moisture issues that were hiding underneath, and install your new shower with painstaking precision. All in just one to two days!

#4: Forever Promise

The end of your project isn’t the end of our relationship. We guarantee your materials and installation for life. If you EVER experience an issue, we’re just a phone call away. That’s a promise.

Shower Remodel Showcase

Popular Shower Renovation Styles
In Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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Our Shower Remodeling Reviews

We make dreams come true, read about them!

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“We love our new shower and will always remember the folks at Focal Point Remodeling for the awesome job they performed. Big THANK YOU to Evan and the Focal Point team!”

-Dahalia T.

“I am so thrilled with how our new shower looks! Troy and Ray were awesome and they exceeded my expectations for service and product installation.”

-Elizabeth S.

“Mike did an awesome job converting my bathtub into a shower. The company made me feel like I made the right decision working with them.”

-Sky W.

We Use The Best Shower Materials
For Your Remodel—PERIOD

Bath Planet

Bath Planet shower systems are the industry’s gold standard. Incredibly beautiful. Refreshingly low-maintenance. And guaranteed to last for LIFE.

Onyx Collection

Onyx Collection shower materials combine true luxury with peak performance. Aesthetics? Unparalleled. Durability? Unrivaled. Your satisfaction? Unconditional.

Shower Remodeling FAQs

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Q: What Does Your Shower Remodeling Service Include?

A: A shower remodel from Focal Point involves replacing your existing tub or shower. Since this renovation comprises only the “wet area” of your bathroom, it can typically be installed in just a day to a day and a half.

At Focal Point Remodeling, we completely remove your old bathing space before installing your new shower (we don’t do liners!). We fix any mold or rot issues that were hiding under your old bathing space, and then install your new shower.

Here is what our shower remodels include:

  • Shower base
  • Wall surround
  • Hardware and fixtures
  • Shower door
  • Custom accessories (grab bars, seating, etc.)

Q: What Does A Shower Remodel Cost Near Me?

A: The cost of shower remodeling in Pennsylvania and Maryland varies depending on A) the quality of the materials and B) the company you choose for installation.

Cheap solutions such as thin acrylic liners typically cost only a few thousand dollars. These are the showers and tubs that get “wallpapered” over your existing bathing space.

Then there are premium solutions such as premium bath systems. This is what we offer. We remove your old tub or shower and install a fully custom, heavy-duty shower or tub system.

Do our shower systems cost more than shower liners? Yes. On average, they are 20-40% more up front. That said, our shower systems provide you with the best VALUE because they last for life.

Q: Can You Really Remodel My Shower In As Little As A Day?

A: In many cases, yes! We’ll remove your old tub or shower… fix any issues that were lurking underneath… and install your new shower… all in as little as one single day!

There are a few instances where your shower remodel may take more than a day. The first is if an unforeseen circumstance (e.g., extreme rot under your existing tub or shower) requires a change in the scope of the project. This rarely happens, occurring on about 5% of projects.

The second instance is if you’ve chosen a shower from the Onyx Collection. Onyx Collection shower bases and walls are 5 to 10 times heavier than acrylic shower systems. The extra weight makes the installation process a little slower. Most of our Onyx Collection shower remodels take a day and a half to two days to install.

Q: Why Do You Use Bath Planet And Onyx Bathroom Products?

A: Simply put, they are the most durable, beautiful, and low-maintenance bathroom materials on the market. At Focal Point, we absolutely will not install a brand unless it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Both Bath Planet and the Onyx Collection are guaranteed to last you for LIFE.

Q: Are Your Shower Remodels Safe And Accessible For Senior Citizens?

A: One of the biggest benefits of our showers is how accessible they are. Stepping into our no-barrier showers is easy, effortless, and painless!

We also offer a wide variety of safety and comfort accessories, including grab bars, shower seating, anti-scald shower heads, and much more. For a comprehensive list, visit our Senior And Mobility Solutions page.

Q: Can I Finance My Shower Remodel With Focal Point Remodeling?

A: Absolutely. We offer easy, flexible financing for all kinds of budgets. We’ll help you acquire the payment plan you need to get the bathroom renovation you deserve.

Q: Do You Offer Free Estimates On Shower Remodeling?

A: We do! Contact us to schedule a convenient time for your free in-home Design Consultation and estimate. Our Customer Care Center hours are 8:30AM to 7PM Monday through Friday, and 9AM to 2PM on Saturday.

Q: What Areas Do You Serve In Pennsylvania and Maryland?

A: We provide shower remodels for homeowners in Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Bucks County, Delaware County, and many more areas. If you’re in Pennsylvania or Maryland, give us a call!

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