Bathroom Remodeling Overview

Bathroom Remodeling Overview

Pennsylvania and Maryland’s Bathroom
Remodeler That Puts You First

Explore our bathroom remodeling services available in Pennsylvania and Maryland…
and discover how we will make your vision our focal point.

Is your bathroom or bathing space looking drab, dull, outdated, or just plain boring? Are you looking to make your bathroom more accessible without sacrificing style? You’re at the right place! Focal Point Remodeling is the Pennsylvania and Maryland bathroom remodeler that will install your beautiful, new bathroom.

At Focal Point Remodeling, you are the focus. Everything is about your needs, your vision, your experience, and your satisfaction.

We have a uniquely personal approach to remodeling that’s centered around you from start to finish. From the first time you call to the final walkthrough, your vision is what we deliver. It becomes our focal point.

Explore our bathroom remodeling services below to see how we provide luxury results… and an experience you’ll love.

Choose Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathtub Remodeling

We’ll replace your current tub or shower with a beautiful, low-maintenance, lifetime-guaranteed bathtub. Our bathtub remodels take as little as one day to install!

Shower Remodeling

Want to remodel your existing shower? Looking to convert your bathtub into a convenient walk-in shower? We can deliver the stunning results you deserve—in as little as one day.

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Make bathing easy, safe, and accessible again with a luxury walk-in tub. Our walk-in tubs are low-maintenance, lifetime-guaranteed, and therapeutic for the body and mind.

Installer Securing the drain and preparing for new tub.

5 Ways We Deliver Superior Bathroom Installation

Our Attention To Detail Guarantees A+ Performance.

#1: Remove & Replace Only (No Liners!)

We do not line your old tub or shower with a new one. We completely evaulate your existing bathing space—walls and all—so we can identify any issues that may be hiding behind your current bathtub or shower. We will fix any moisture, mold, and rot issues if we find them. Then we build the space back up with premium bathroom materials. No cutting corners!

#2: Best Silicone Process

You’ve probably seen failing, peeling, moldy caulk in a shower or tub before. But you’ve never seen it in one of our showers or tubs.

That’s because we use a heavy-duty silicone sealant instead of standard caulk. It’s non-porous, mold-resistant, and EXTREMELY adhesive. You can even choose a color that you feel matches the best!

Before we insert this sealant, we apply a special silicone primer to the area. This ensures the cleanest, most secure bond possible. Our two-step silicone process is guaranteed for LIFE!

#3: Attention to the Details

A gap or hole in a corner of your bathing system can lead to substantial water damage underneath. That’s why we meticulously install flashing in every corner of your new shower or tub. This ensures NO water sneaks past, so everything behind your tub or shower stays bone-dry.

#4: High-Tech Wall Adhesive

Standard shower/tub wall glue is rigid and brittle. As your shower walls naturally expand and contract from temperature changes, the walls can actually separate from the substrate.

We use the same high-tech bonding agent for our shower walls that Chicago’s 110-story Willis Tower uses for its windows. It’s ultra-adhesive yet also allows your walls to expand and contract… WITHOUT cracking or separating.

#5: Our Rigorous Bathroom Installation Training Program

At Focal Point Remodeling, we take your installation seriously. Very seriously.

It’s why we’ve developed a thorough installation training program. We spend weeks teaching and educating our potential installers so they are equipped, ready and excited to do the best possible installations. You can rest easy knowing that the installers who perform YOUR project are the absolute cream of the crop.

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Want a stunning bathroom remodel without worrying about the cost? Our flexible financing makes it easy to get the bathroom remodel you truly deserve.

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